Having a Baby!

Motherhood and Parenthood are the most natural aspect of creating a family.  However, women both cherished and struggled with this role.  Some women love motherhood, other dread it or resent the unspoken societal rules that link woman's value to giving birth.  If you are fearing any aspect of motherhood, suffer from fear of inadequacy, or you have given birth to a child, but unable to feel connected.  If you worry none-stop and losing precious sleep, making sure that your child breathing, or if you experience difficulty balancing the woman you used to be with this woman you have become, please contact me. 

Also, consider reading this book: "Why Dads Leave" Insights and resources for when partners become parents.  by MarilynG Callander and Gabor Mate

What do I do with this new boss who is so hard to please??


Can I manage this? How did my parents act like this is going to be so easy?I used to be a fun person, why am I so exhausted all the time? I need to be organized, what happened to me? Am I going to act like my parents did? I want to act better and raise confident children.  

www.postpartum.net can help (Postpartum Support International, is an organization provide free on line or phone support to parents dealing with symptoms of anxiety and depression). 

 You can also call me to set up a one-on-one or a family appointment.